SAWMA Salle Etiquette - Conduct for students of the Academy.

SAWMA Safety Document - Rules on equipment and training techniques

SAWMA Sabre Basics - Basic introduction to Academy sabre.

SAWMA Poule Sheet - For use in Academy Competitions
16th Century

Works Of George Silver: Comprising 'Paradoxes Of Defence'
And 'Brief Instructions Upon My Paradoxes Of Defence' - George Silver 1598

18th Century

The Art Of Fencing Or The Use Of The Small Sword - Monseiur L'Abbat 1734

The Use Of The Broad Sword - Thomas Page 1746

A Treatise On The Useful Science Of Defence - John Godfrey 1747

The School of Fencing - Angelo 1787

A Treatise On The Discipline Of Light Cavalry - L. Neville 1796

An Abridgement Of The New Broad Sword Exercise - W. Pepper 1797

19th Century

La Scienza Della Scherma - Rosaroll Scorza 1803
(If anyone has English translation please get in touch)

A Cavalry Sword Exercise - George Greenwood 1840

A New System Of Broad And Small Sword - Thomas Stephens 1843

A Complete System of Bayonet Exercise - Richard F. Burton 1853

The Militiaman's Manual And Sword Play Without A Master - M. W. Berriman 1861

Instructions For The Sword, Carbine, Pistol And Lance Exercises - GB Adjutant Generals Office 1865

Principles of Squard Instruction for the Broadsword - Corbesier 1869

A New System of Sword Exercise for Infantry - Burton 1876

yonet Fencing and Sword Practise - Alfred Hutton 1882

The Book of the Sword - Richard F. Burton 1884

Cold Steel: A Practical Treatise On The Sabre - Alfred Hutton 1889

Fixed Bayonets: A Complete System For The British Managzine Rifle - Alfred Hutton 1890

Old Sword Play - Alfred Hutton 1892

20th Century

Sabre and Bayonet - A. C. Cunningham 1906

The Sentiment of the Sword - Richard F. Burton 1911

Cold Steel - John Styers 1952