Regular classes are held at 7:00 - 9:00pm on Monday evenings, except Bank Holidays, at the Wood Lane Countryside Centre
The Academy Has Six Grading Levels:

Those students who have recently joined us and therefore have not as yet had the opportunity to do their first grading.

The foundation level where students gain an understanding of both the weapon they are studying, and also the heritage of the historical european martial culture behind it.

After passing their Scholars assessment, students are allowed to employ steel weapons when appropriate and receive more technically advanced military sabre tuition.

Free Scholar:
Building from the Scholar's level, the student gains a more rigorous and practical understanding of the martial principles behind the weapon they are studying.

Once students have passed their Free Scholars assessment, they will be deemed competent enough to be allowed to enter tournaments at events organised by the BFHS with their chosen weapon.

Students who have passed their Free Scholars are also welcome to request lessons in another form of weapon, including longsword, smallsword, rapier or great stick, as well as off-hand weapon combinations such as rapier/buckler or smallsword/stiletto.

Students who attain the rank of Adept will have a firm understanding of judgement, measure and timing. They will be well versed in advanced techniques with the military sabre; being able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of an opponent and control the tempo of an encounter.

Students who are studying for their Adept's assessment are expected to assist in teaching one or more students from the Beginner to Scholar rank.

Students who gain the level of Provost will have a strong understanding of their chosen weapon, and of the primary sources of their martial form and how they interrelate to other sources.

Students who gain the level of Provost are expected to assist in the development of other students (and some classes of students) at the earlier grades, and will be put forward to do the BFHS Assistant Instructors Grade (IL1).

Those students who attain the rank of instructor within the Academy will be encouraged to either teach within the current class structure, look to running a class on a different evening, or if they wish, will be assisted in starting their own Academy at another location.

A prerequisite of attaining the rank of instructor within the Academy is gaining the BFHS Instructors Grade (IL2).
The first four weeks are FREE, and thereafter fees are £20 per calendar month payable in advance, regardless of how many classes you attend each month.

A registration fee of £25 is also payable annually, initially after your first four weeks. This covers your membership of the BFHS and your personal insurance cover.
New students are welcome to join the Academy at any time, as all members are taught progressively at their own level. No experience is necessary and the first four weeks are FREE!
All students begin by using the singlestick and are required to follow tuition in military sabre as a single sword form for at least six months before being assessed for their Scholars grading.
Throughout any and all martial training in the Academy, students will be taught judgement, and the ability to control their measure and timing within any encounter, by using specific techniques to not only control their weapon, but also themselves effectively.